Mike Kovack

Mike Kovack
Medina County Auditor

144 N. Broadway St, Medina, OH  44256
Medina:  (330) 725-9754     Toll free:  (844) 722-3800, ext. 9754

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Please don't enter commas, quotation marks, asterisks, percent signs or other special characters as they will only inhibit your search. 

  • Searching by Name - The best results are achieved by entering part of the text for which you're looking. 
        For example, if you're looking for a last name of Johnson, you can enter John.  Of course, you will find Johns as well as Johnson.  The results will be a parcel number that you can click on and perhaps a whole list of names that are like the one you seek!

  • Searching by Address - If you are looking for 123 Pearl Road, you can enter 123 Pearl, 12 Pear, or 1 Pea.  In this example, Road might be stored as Rd, so entering 123 Pearl Road would not have a response!  On the other extreme, entering 1 Pea might give results for 1 Pea St, 11 Peartree Blvd, 12 Pearl Rd, 122 Pearl Rd, and finally 123 Pearl Rd.  
        Nevertheless, you will be able to select the result you want from a whole list; so, entering a shorter version will give you more options.  If you want to find 123 1/2 Pearl Road, you should still enter 123 Pearl.

  • North, South, East and West - If the address you're seeking is 123 South Pearl Road, you could enter 123 Pearl.  Your results would then be 123 Pearl Rd as well as 123 S Pearl Rd, if both are valid addresses.  The street number is not necessary and it is best not to be used if looking for vacant land. 
        The search looks for any occurrence of the text that you entered.  So, looking for Carp will give you both N Carpenter and South Carpenter.

  • Vacant Land - Sometimes vacant land has no street nor street number.  Here's a tip how to find it:  find a parcel number for a property that you know is near - or perhaps in front of - the parcel that you seek.  You will see a parcel number that looks like 01-02D-02-000. 
        Now enter most of the parcel number, like 01-02D-02 with no percent signs or asterisks.  The search will return valid parcel numbers from 01-02D-02-000 to 01-02D-02-999.  Then check out those.

  • Searching by Parcel Number - The parcel number field takes precedence over all other search fields.  Parcel numbers are 11 digits long and can be entered with or without dashes. 
        For example, searching by 028-19B-20-036 and 02819B20036 will both return the Medina County Administration Building.

  • Searches will be limited to 100 results - Those who need more results than that will need to contact the Auditor's Office.