Mike Kovack

Mike Kovack
Medina County Auditor

144 N. Broadway St, Medina, OH  44256
Medina:  (330) 725-9754     Toll free:  (844) 722-3800, ext. 9754

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Pay Taxes:

Pay your tax bill online at http://www.medinacountytax.com/#/TaxPaymentOptions/.


How to Compute Your Tax Bill:

Learn more information on how to calculate your tax bill, read our How to Calculate Your Tax Bill brochure.


Tax Rates:

To view tax rates, visit our Tax Rates sheet.


Tax Reduction Programs

Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV):

CAUV, or Current Agricultural Use Value, is a program designed to reduce the taxable value of land being used for commercial agricultural production.  To qualify, you must possess at least 10 acres of land in commercial agricultural use, or be able to generate the minimum gross income requirement of $2,500 per year.  There is a $25 fee to sign up for this program and the owner must renew annually, but at no cost.  Once the land is withdrawn from the CAUV program, or when the land no longer qualifies, some of the tax savings must be paid back.  For more information, visit our CAUV page.


Homestead Exemption Program:

Those 65 years of age and older, and those totally and permanently disabled and meeting income requirements, are eligible to receive reductions in the property tax bill for their home of between $300 and $460 per year.  For more information, visit our Homestead Exemption Program page.


Ohio Forest Tax Law:

Ohio Forest Tax Law is a state-managed program. If you have 10 or more acres of qualifying woodlands, you may qualify for a 50% reduction on the taxable value of the forested land. There is a one-time $50 application fee.  For more information, call the Medina County Auditor's Office at one of the following phone numbers:

Medina:  (330) 725-9765
Toll Free:  (844) 722-3800, ext. 9765


Homeowner Reduction:

Every property owner that resides in their own property is due a 2.5% reduction on their property tax bill.  Homeowners must apply for this reduction, but this is often taken care of at time of transfer of real estate.  To see if you are currently receiving this 2.5% reduction, call the Medina County Auditor's Office at one of the following phone numbers:

Medina:  (330) 725-9754
Toll Free:  (844) 722-3800, ext. 9754